Men’s Fashion Week: Take note from the boys

London Collections: Men AW16 took place from January 8th – 13th and you’re probably thinking what’s this got to do with us girls, eh? Well I’m here to tell you that we can get so much inspiration from these catwalk shows and how these styles are everywhere on the high street right now, and not just in the boys section…

Topman Design

When you combine 70’s floral prints, bleached baggy denim and chunky black boots you arrive at the Topman Design AW show. This ultimate ‘don’t care’ attitude is needed in your wardrobe as this mix of pattern and texture makes any outfit look new and interesting, like it’s been thrown together in a hurry, but you actually mean it.

This look is perfect for casual days when you’re heading to lectures or doing a coffee run, but it can also be dressed up for Friday evening cocktails.

Burberry (Men’s)


There were so many looks I loved from this show; it was filled with winter staples like the chunky knit and oversized coats. The bold check was a theme running throughout as well as bright, contrasting colours that made every piece pop. Every girl’s wardrobe needs something with that androgynous edge, something bulky but structured like Burberry’s luxurious button coats. No matter what price you may find these coats in your local H+M or Zara, they will always look chic and expensive because so many high end designers favour this over sized, shapeless style.

Alexander McQueen (Men’s)

If there was one style that keeps coming back every AW it would be the tailored suit. In every fabric and pattern imaginable, designers are always trying to reinvent the suit and feature it throughout their show, just like McQueen. This gorgeous subtle print will no doubt be reproduced in every shop this coming winter, and us girls shouldn’t miss out! A blazer and well fitting trousers are perfect for work or any other occasion, but give your outfit a twist like McQueen by accessorizing with statement, military style jewellery.

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