From Halls to House

The time of year has come when housing flyers are being repeatedly handed out and the sudden question of “who will I live with and where?” I thought the same just over a year ago, but not to panic, there is plenty of time and options out there.

When I first arrived in Plymouth I was advised by friends and family that had been to uni to connect and meet as many new people as possible from courses, societies or on nights out. That way if arguments or tensions occurred between flatmates I would be able to escape it for a couple of hours or ask friends for advice.

However when it came to that time of year of deciding who to live with, I was given two options, one stick with my flatmates, or two move in with a group a friends I have not lived with before. To make my mind up I came up with the positives and negatives of living with the different groups, would I be happy there? Would there be arguments? And how messy will the kitchen get?

A year on from moving into halls and meeting new flatmates for the first time I am now in a shared house with mainly course mates and a few of their friends. Although I can say it is quieter with no one banging on your door at 3am, the mess in the kitchen certainly hasn’t died down!  But on a positive note, the fact I live with course mates means that I don’t have to constantly text or call for advice, it’s simply just a knock at the door.

Now that I have lived here for a couple months, I do not regret the decision to move out of my original flat. Although now that I say this I have to admit I do strangely miss the drunken antics, the games of football and cricket down the corridors and the numerous failed attempts to complete the flat bucket list. However what I don’t miss is mountains of washing up, the stench of mouldy food and gone off baked beans on the side (you know who you are!)

So my advice to anyone who is concerned about housing next year is to take your time and explore all of your options. Make sure you are certain on who you would like to live with, whether its people from your course, society or maybe just your original flat. Also, take the time to look around numerous different houses, making sure the price, size of room and the house is right for you.

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