From Halls to House

Halls To House

The time of year has come when housing flyers are being repeatedly handed out and the sudden question of “who will I live with and where?” I thought the same just over a year ago, but not to panic, there is plenty of time and options out there. When I first arrived in Plymouth I … Read more

Do we still need feminism?


Many people might believe that the goals of feminism have already been achieved. Women have the vote and are not barred from entering any professions; what more could we ask for? However when we really look at our society are we as equal as we’d like to believe? There are currently 146 female politicians in … Read more

Australia to India, via Google Earth


An adopted Australian businessman seeks his home town through use of Google Earth’s satellite mapping technology. Saroo Brierley was born in India, and at the age of five he took a train ride with his brother in a search for food. He fell asleep where upon waking, the carriage was empty. Alone in Calcutta he spent weeks … Read more

Are You Considering a Master’s Degree?

Masters Degree

If you’re about to start your final year of undergraduate study and you’ve been considering continuing onto a taught master’s degree it’s time to start taking your decision seriously. Summer is the perfect time to start making plans and considering your applications. Why do you want to do a master’s? The most important thing is … Read more

5 Healthy Food Tips

Ice cream

I’m a dietitian, as well as I like food. I love salad. I enjoy delicious chocolate bars (Set Kat Chunky, I’m talking about you). I enjoy fish. I love cake. It’s not like I kick back consuming kale all day just because of what I provide for a living. I keep my diet plan healthy … Read more