MCT OIL Usage & Dosage: Brain Oil for Creativity

brain octane oil

MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) is translated as medium-chain triglycerides. It is a type of fat, in large quantities contained in coconut oil. In smaller amounts in the milk of mammals. Lauren describes Brain Octane Oil in her article here on Lean Optimum.

Triglycerides are the most commonly occurring form of fat. In triglycerides, three fatty acids are combined into one glycerol molecule. And in MST triglycerides, these fatty acids are mid-chain. They are not short, not long, but medium. Well, that’s actually it.

Researchers at Plymouth University say play Tetris to beat your cravings


Researchers at Plymouth University have found that playing Tetris for as little as three minutes could reduce the cravings for food, cigarettes and alcohol.  Tetris is a hugely popular tile matching video game created in Moscow  in 1984. The visual stimulation the game provides could reduce the naturally-occurring  cravings that we all endeavour for long … Read more

How long do you time waste per day?

Dont Waste Your Time

A recent survey by Student Beans revealed that 80% of students spend more than 3 hours a day procrastinating. Now that summer is within reaching distance and deadlines are stacking up students are spending more time on social media than completing their final assignments.  Student Beans survey suggests that 35% spend 3-4 hours of doing … Read more

Heads will Roll a Theatre Review


As the firm’s name suggests, have actually a highly established sense of the silly. Their shows come tied with whimsy but commonly something a lot more vicious, as well. The previous dominates this expedition of human recklessness that tries to loop the unfortunate with a Colombian people tale concerning revenge as well as redemption, and … Read more

From Halls to House

Halls To House

The time of year has come when housing flyers are being repeatedly handed out and the sudden question of “who will I live with and where?” I thought the same just over a year ago, but not to panic, there is plenty of time and options out there. When I first arrived in Plymouth I … Read more